Whitepaper - Reimagining the Continuum of Risk

Learn about the history, implementation and operationalization of early resolution strategies in Medplace's whitepaper, Reimagining the Continuum of Risk: Introduction to Early Resolution in Healthcare.

Introduction to Early Resolution in Healthcare

As the faults of a "deny and defend" approach to healthcare risk become unavoidable, communicating and resolving early provides a better way to protect patients and providers. In Medplace's Reimagining the Continuum of Risk Whitepaper, learn about early resolution the following topics:

  • What is Early Resolution in Healthcare?
  • "I'm Sorry" Laws
  • How to Build & Implement an Early Resolution Program
  • Operationalization
  • Beyond 'Deny & Defend' - Creating a Culture of Safety with Case & Peer Review, and Early Resolution
  • Looking Ahead: The Future of Early Resolution Programs

Resolving Early Provides Real World Benefits


See why early resolution is the answer with peer-reviewed research and implementation examples from top patient safety leaders like:

  • CHERYL CALLAGHAN - Vice President of Risk, Claims & Litigation, Ascension
  • TERRI SCHIMMER - Former Risk Leader, Cherokee Regional Medical Center

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