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Risk Management Jul 26, 2023

Embracing Technology-Driven Medical Peer Review for Rural Hospitals

External peer review improves patient safety in hospitals affordably. Read on to learn how two hospitals implemented Medplace and enhanced care.

In the vast landscape of rural healthcare, medical peer review plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and improving the quality of care. However, rural hospitals face unique challenges, including limited access to specialized expertise and resources. Fortunately, technology-driven solutions are reshaping the way peer review is conducted in these underserved areas, empowering rural healthcare facilities to provide top-notch care to their communities. Medplace, a leading external peer review platform, has been at the forefront of this transformation, offering unbiased assessments from expert medical professionals. Let's explore how Cherokee Regional Medical Center and Hays Med embraced Medplace to enhance patient safety and drive positive change in their rural healthcare settings.


Cherokee Regional Medical Center: Empowering Quality Care

Cherokee Regional Medical Center, a Critical Access Hospital in Iowa, recognized the need to overcome biased and time-consuming internal peer review processes. By partnering with Medplace, they experienced a transformative shift. Medplace's platform provided quick access to a large network of practicing physicians, allowing Cherokee to receive external peer reviews in a matter of days. The unbiased feedback provided valuable insights and actionable recommendations, helping level up their delivery of care. Additionally, Medplace's efficient process led to increased participation in the peer review committee and reduced defensiveness among physicians. Cherokee Regional Medical Center found Medplace to be an indispensable tool in their quest for patient safety excellence.


HaysMed: Fostering a Culture of Safety

HaysMed, a rural medical center in Kansas, faced challenges in accessing external peer review expertise to conduct thorough case evaluations. Medplace's technology-driven approach offered them a solution that streamlined the peer review process. With the ability to upload medical records and share imaging securely, HaysMed could swiftly obtain expert opinions. Medplace's network of hand-selected medical professionals ensured timely reviews with relevant expertise. As a result, HaysMed was empowered to foster a culture of safety and implement proactive risk management strategies. The platform's user-friendly interface facilitated seamless communication between reviewers and requestors, optimizing the peer review experience for both parties.


In the ever-evolving landscape of rural healthcare, embracing technology-driven solutions like Medplace's external peer review platform is a game-changer for patient safety, especially in resource-constrained care settings. Cherokee Regional Medical Center and HaysMed serve as exemplars of how technology can bridge the gap and enhance care quality in underserved areas. By leveraging Medplace's expertise, rural hospitals can unlock the potential of medical peer review, improve patient outcomes, and create a safer healthcare environment for their communities.


Jerrod Bailey is the CEO of Medplace, an app built for healthcare, legal, and insurance industries to streamline their case and peer review processes. He holds over 20 years of experience in venture-backed technology companies and specializes in healthcare technology development and human-centered user experience design. Jerrod has helped launch over 100 technology start-ups, including corporate new ventures with American Express, Intel, and other notable names.


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