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Risk Management Jul 25, 2023

Enhancing Patient Safety In Rural Hospitals Through External Peer Review

In the resource-constrained rural care setting, all safety measures count. Learn how external peer review helps enhance care quickly and affordably.

Rural hospitals face unique challenges in ensuring patient safety due to limited resources and expertise. External peer review offers a solution to enhance patient safety in these settings. By leveraging independent medical experts, external peer review reduces biases and brings specialized knowledge to the table.

Internal peer review processes in rural hospitals are often hindered by biases and inefficiencies. In fact, 36% of physicians surveyed by the American Board of Surgeons thought their hospital’s peer review process was biased. External peer review addresses this by providing unbiased perspectives from outside experts. This fair evaluation helps identify areas for improvement and implement proactive measures to prevent adverse events.

Access to specialized expertise can be difficult for rural hospitals. External peer review platforms like Medplace connect these hospitals with a vast network of medical experts, providing actionable root-cause analysis that drives overall patient safety.




Using External Reviews to Build a Culture of Safety

Timely reviews and feedback are crucial for patient safety. External peer review platforms streamline the process, enabling faster reviews and providing valuable feedback to healthcare providers. Empowering rural hospitals to make informed decisions and implement preventive measures promptly before these systemic issues impact other patients.

Furthermore, external peer review shifts blame away from individuals with a focus on systemic improvements. This “culture of safety” encourages open communication, reduces defensiveness, and increases participation in peer review committees. This shift promotes a proactive approach to patient safety and continuous learning.

In a setting where every measure counts, external peer review enhances patient safety in rural hospitals by reducing biases, providing specialized expertise, facilitating timely reviews, and fostering a culture of safety. With increasing resources embracing external peer review services, rural hospitals can affordably improve the quality of care and ensure the well-being of their patients.


Adrienne leads the Medplace clinical operations team and oversees the recruitment, onboarding, and training of the network. She holds over 30 years of experience in Medical ICU, Quality & Risk and Medical Malpractice Defense work.


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